Nakamoto Archives

First ever fully re-inscribed Ordinals collection, consisting of every email and forum post ever made by Satoshi Nakamoto.


576 sats • 3x (Re)Inscriptions • 1728 Digital Artifacts


Nakamoto Archives permanently preserves every email and forum post by Satoshi Nakamoto by inscribing them onto the Bitcoin blockchain. This includes 542 forum posts and 34 emails.

Data was sourced from the publicly accessible Satoshi Nakamoto Institute GitHub repository and has been verified for both authenticity and accuracy.

The collection is intended to serve as a historical resource for those interested in the beginnings and development of Bitcoin.

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The collection uses Satoshi's text to create dynamic abstract art from 50 patterns and 50 palettes. The art evolves with each new Bitcoin block and may occasionally feature one of 8 unique glitches!

Abstract Art Abstract Art Abstract Art Abstract Art Abstract Art Abstract Art


Nakamoto Archives utilizes advanced re-inscription techniques, inscribing each satoshi in the collection three times.

The first inscription is a JSON data layer.

The second inscription is an HTML presentation layer. Using recursion, this layer extracts data from the JSON inscription from the same sat and displays it in an easily readable manner.

The third inscription is a piece of evolving generative art, utilizing Satoshi's text as a seed for randomization to create a unique piece of abstract art. The art output changes with every Bitcoin block that gets mined.